The Many Types of Billboard Advertising and Beyond

People who have their own business try do everything to make their business successful and but sometimes forget to see how much money they are wasting. The problem comes when you spend too much money on advertising your business and still don’t get noticed. Experts say that billboard advertising is the most effective and successful way to get attention in this aggressive market. Billboards advertising can save your money, if you are not forced to advertise your products and services through other means because of a limited budget. $5.8 million dollars was spent on outdoor billboard advertising last year. And this year there has been a huge increase in this amount. Billboard advertising is definitely the best way to advertise and promote your business. Other successful advertising means are discussed below.All of us must have seen those big billboards on highways, main roads, outside shopping malls, restaurants and almost everywhere else. Outdoor billboard advertising has definitely changed the style of advertising in a very good way. That typical outdoor billboard advertising is now changed through electronic billboard advertising. Electronic billboard advertising started in big cosmopolitan cities and now we can see them everywhere, even in small towns.Mobile billboard advertising is again something we all are familiar with. Nowadays, we see those advertising trucks, van and ad-bikes on all almost all streets in big cities. There are many choices available to the business owner’s as far as the type of billboard. Some use normal posters, some use electronic billboards, and some use normal outdoor billboards. The best thing about mobile billboard advertising is this that you can reach many customers and it is something that is hard to ignore.Advertising on radio is also a good option for those people who don’t have large advertising budget and still want to spread their message to targeted customers. The ad 15, 30 or 60 seconds long and you need to follow some good techniques to get your message across. Advertising on radio is a very good option for you if you are certain that your message is being correctly broad casted and that the point is to bring in sales, not necessarily be the most popular ad. The advantage of using radio is that listeners do have the tendency to keep in mind jingles that are cool.Mobile event marketing is a good way to send your message to a targeted audience. This type of advertising is not necessarily cheap but can be very effective.Mobile event marketing can be done on local and national level.Business to business direct marketing is now becoming increasingly popular through online social communities. Business-to-business direct marketing is the selling of products and services to organizations and companies with the purpose of making those organizations run more smoothly and efficiently.Buying and merchandising is the most important part of most of the successful business. The success of your business depends completely on the way it is done. You don’t have to spend loads of money on your new business and it’s marketing, but doing it in a right and good way is a much better option. Setting up displays in the right place for you product is a successful business strategy.

Why You Should Never Trust An Advertising Sales Rep

Advertising Sales Reps Sell Institutional AdvertisingWhat is institutional advertising? Here’s a definition: “Promotional message aimed at creating an image, enhancing reputation, building goodwill, or advocating an idea or the philosophy of an organization, instead of sales promotion.” ( advertising promotes the name of the business and the brand but is not used to create sales. Large advertisers use institutional advertising to increase their name recognition and, hopefully, market share. With a larger market share, increased sales are expected to follow.Most of the advertising we see everyday on television comes in the form of Institutional Advertising. It’s the big companies with household brands working hard to entrench their brand even further into our brains. While that may be an effective strategy for billion dollar, multi-national companies, it’s a devastating plan of action for smaller, local businesses.Very few small business owners have a grasp on marketing. When they do advertise, they simply do the same things others are doing. Media salespeople do an excellent job explaining how advertising works when they’re selling the advertising. They also are great at explaining why an ad didn’t work. The number one reason: The business owner didn’t buy enough time or space. The number two reason: The ad wasn’t run for a long enough time period.Beware of the Advertising Sales RepresentativeAd sales people are not marketing experts. They actually do not know much about marketing at all. They have been trained to do one thing: sell ads. In that respect they are formidable. Ironically, most small business owners believe that ad salespeople are indeed marketing experts. Ad sales reps use this to their advantage and often help small business owners actually create the ads that will run on their network, publication, billboard, etc.The entire system represents a conflict of interest. The goal of advertising is to increase sales for the business owner. But the ad sales rep’s goal is to sell advertising. The ad sales rep acts on behalf of his or her employer and does not maintain a fiduciary relationship with the client. So the advice of advertising sales reps is never given for the benefit of the small business owner. When they urge their clients to buy ads, they do not have the expertise or training to know if the ads will have any positive impact on sales or profitability. They are not qualified to suggest when an ad should run, how long the ad should run or even the frequency rate. They can not suggest other forms of advertising or marketing that might be more suitable because they are employed by a single media outlet.This conflict of interest is unique to ad sales. Imagine if you had a medical condition; let’s say Acid Reflux. Instead of going to a doctor, you consulted with a drug sales rep. Like the ad sales rep, the drug rep works for one company. If she worked for Pfizer, she would recommend Viagra to treat your acid reflux condition. When you found this to be ineffective, the drug rep would suggest increasing the dosage or advise that you simply continue taking the drug longer and give it some time to work. Once you’ve run out of money, the drug rep would move on to the next patient.Small business owners must learn that ad sales reps do not have their best interests at heart. The ad sales rep hopes that the ad works so that the client will buy more ads, not because their goal is to increase sales for the client. Only independent marketing experts have the ability to act objectively on behalf of their clients. This is an important distinction. They actually represent their clients’ best interests when it comes to marketing. As experts, they provide valuable insight as to which marketing program (or mix of programs) will generate the greatest return on their clients’ marketing investment.Traditional Advertising is often Institutional AdvertisingMost traditional advertising, be it local or national, is a form of institutional advertising. It is done with such repetition that people will remember the product or service when the time comes. The products or services are so commonly used that people have an easy time remembering the message. But local business can not afford to advertise in this manner. When they do advertise, they can only afford to run the ad for a short time, at an infrequent rate. Therefore, Institutional advertising does not work for small businesses. When it comes to marketing, local business owners need to market themselves in a modern fashion and expect a tangible return on their marketing investment.So next time an institutional ad sales rep comes knocking on your door, remember, they are there to sell you something that is ineffective and does not provide a positive return on your investment. They do not understand marketing, they are sales people. Don’t trust their facts or figures. They are based on data that can not be analyzed easily and is only used to back their statements. Instead, search for a local, independent marketing expert. Not only are they much less expensive, they will be able to advise you based on your best interests, not their own.

How to Promote Your Online Business Using Banner Advertising

If you are looking for different ways to promote your online business and attract more customers to your web site, banner advertising may be an option worth considering. Search engine advertising, or “pay per click advertising” as it is called, still remains the most popular website advertising solution. However, an alternative option to consider is to promote your website by utilising internet banner advertising. It is easier, cost effective and much cheaper than you think.This type of  advertising has the capability to provide more than just basic text based advertisements. With internet banner advertising you can have your logo displayed along with animation or even eye catching video. A well designed web banner advertising campaign will attract more attention and draw more customers to your website. When you choose this style of  advertising, you are able to produce a media rich display that is more pleasing to the eye.Banner advertising can be cheaper than pay per click advertisingAdvertisers using the search engine advertising (pay per click) method, will only incur a cost when the potential customer clicks onto their advertisement and goes into their actual website. With internet banner advertising it works in exactly the same way. Depending on your industry and the products or services you wish to promote, it may actually be cheaper for you to choose this type of campaign over the more traditional search engine advertising option. Of course, you will have to consider the banner design cost for your web banner, but the benefits of improved brand awareness tend to outweigh the cost.Use a mix of different size banners for your advertising campaign.With this style of  advertising campaign there are many banner sizes to choose from. These range from leader boards to sky scraper sizes. Another great feature is that there is no limit to the amount of text that you can use within your banner display. Unlike pay per click advertising, where your words and characters are limited to a certain number. This in turn only allows you to promote a reduced number of products or services and limits your advertising capabilities.With banner advertising, your website will come alive with vibrant colors and exciting advertisements. Attracting new customers and building a solid database of existing customers is very important.By using this form of advertising, you can successfully reach your advertising potential by drawing in thousands of customers to your website. It can really be worth your time and effort to consider this type of internet advertising for your business. Developing your online business using web banner advertising is a smart choice for any website owner to make.